"That's one of the nice things about writing, or any art; if the thing's real, it just lives."
- Woody Allen



The Beginning of a Film

Every movie starts as a humble stack of paper less than an inch thick. That an experience so epic and emotional can come from such humble beginnings is a big part of the allure of writing movies.

Screenwriting is hard, and cultivating a career in screenwriting is even harder—but there is truly nothing between you and the end result except words on a page. Slugline strives to be the minimum possible thing between you and those words.

Formatting by Typing

Screenplays were once typed on manual typewriters, and to this day their formatting is that simple. Screenplays are printed in 12-point Courier on US Letter paper. There are only six types of paragraph in a screenplay:

  • Scene Heading
  • Action
  • Character
  • Parenthetical
  • Dialogue
  • Transition